Welcome to my new blog (what on earth is the etymology of that word ?)

I have resisted active blogging for a long time but have finally given in due to the pressures of my illustrious media secretary.

It seems to be a universally recognised form of intercommunication in this cyber-savvy world.

When I founded IIPSGP at the University of London in 1991 in Bloomsbury, one of the core functions that I saw IIPSGP as performing was always as an information gatherer, synthesizer and transmuter : taking the raw data of academic information about who was doing what, where and when for peace, around the world and through which intellectual and spiritual lenses, and then effecting the alchemical transformation of the huge amounts of data and information available, into some kind of wisdom, the possibility of some kind of grace …….


The first information bulletins that I produced at that time, therefore were an attempt to mirror the incredible diversity of intellectual activity going oin around the planet for peace.  I called those early bulletins from IIPSGP – In Formation ….

The play on words was an attempt to say that mere infromation alone is like an endless sea of fluctuations, wave patterns, vibrations.

To get across to the shore of wisdom and peace is the purpose of mere In Formations …

so I hope it will be also with this blog.