Happy Jubilee Weekend everybody !

Many of us in the UK and the Commonwealth have always felt that it is an auspicious time to be alive – that we have had the chance to contribute in some small way to a “Second Elizabethan Renaissance”.

In the work of my own Insititute, IIPSGP, the part of that Elizabethan legacy we have been trying to actualize is that of the vision of global peace and cosmic harmony, based on the Elizabethan metaphysical worldview of the interconnection of the different domains and spheres of Being.

Thinkers such as Dr John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon stood for the harnessing of intellectual activity and scientific research, including spiritual research conducted within a scientific methodology, not just for the common good of our country, but for the welfare and advancement of all humanity.

The first Elizabethan renaissance launched the scientific age.  In this second Elizabethan renaissance let us together launch a deeper, more sophisticated, and more subtle scientific renaissance.

Above all this second renaissance must be one in which peace and non-violence and wisdom, rather than war, violence and subterfuge provide the drivers of scientific progress.

It is for this reason that IIPSGP came into being back in 1991 and has consistently argued for a holistic approach to education and scientific research for peace ever since.

Queen Elizabeth 1 was a highly intelligent woman as her letters testify.  Queen Elizabeth 2 is definitely a worthy successor.  Someone ought to gather together and publish all her Christmas addresses over the years since she often uses that forum to bring home a moral message of incalculable spiritual value for those with ears to hear.

Somtimes we only appreciate things after they have gone, as Joni Mitchell said in one of her songs.  Let it not be said of us in our generation that we failed to appreciate the stable, yet visionary leadership that Queen Elizabeth 2 has given to our country and Commonwealth over many years of service.

Our hope at IIPSGP is to work alongside others in delivering the final promise of a just, secure peaceful and free international order, in which violence, the abuse of political authority, torture, criminality and political deceit and corruption become a thing of the past.  Many NGOs campaign on one or more aspects of this huge mission.  IIPSGPs unique work is to bring together philosophers, theologians, spiritual teachers, academics, peace researchers and scientists to ask ultimate questions about the roadmap to real, lasting peace.

Queen Elizabeth 2 also presides over a vast arsenal of militarism and weaponry whose nuclear submarines patrol outside the Castle of the Muses in the Queen’s Loch, thus providing an archetypal dialectic of powerful irony.  Yet, in the words of Rule Britannia, it is said, in the rarely sung last verse :

The Muses, still with Freedom found,

Shall to thy happy coast repair;

Blest Isle, with matchless beauty crown’d

And manly hearts to guard the fair:-

Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the waves!

                    Britons never shall be slaves

In other words, the sacred work of the Muses in inspiring, cajoling, educating, entrancing and illuminating, indeed does sometimes need protecting.  Sadly at the recent concert by Madonna in Tel Aviv, she probably needed effective bodyguards since for some psychohistorical reasons, it would appear some people are resistant to the earnest calls for peace in the Middle East from this living Muse.

Is Queen Elizabeth 2 a Muse herself or a Guardian of the hidden, invisible Muses that inspire the true poets, bards, seers and druids of Albion’s shores ?

Perhaps a bit of both ……

Happy Jubilee !