Grand Global Peace Meet

The Grand Global Peace Meet at Bangalore is to be conducted on January 07th 2015 from 10 AM to 6 PM.

January 07th 2015 – Seshadripuram College at Bangalore

Address: CA Site No. 26, Dodaballapur Main Road, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560106

Among the speakers will be Dr Thomas Clough Daffern who will be coming from the UK for this meeting.

Dr Thomas Daffern is the author of numerous works on the nature of peace.
• Various articles on Peace, Religion, Philosophy and History in reference works (also see
• Various articles in journals dealing with Conflict Resolution and Philosophy
• Various books on intellectual history and interfaith peace historiography
• Several volumes of poetry (see
• “Multicultural and Multifaith Dictionary of Philosophical Terminology” (see (see
• A-Z Biographical Encyclopaedia of Transpersonal Thought 1945-2001 (

Dr Daffern has travelled and lectured in some 33 countries and has received several international awards for my work in education. He has chaired 30 meetings in the House of Lords on ethics and policy. Spoken at UN HQ in New York on peace studies and academic development. He exploits new media teaching avenues in full with numerous websites and is currently writing a tripartite commentary on the Koran, the New Testament and the Jewish bible to facilitate peacemaking in the Middle East. He has combined a lifetime of scholarship with peace activism and has coordinated International Philosophers and Historians for Peace and Global Responsibility for many years as well as running an Institute that specialises in peace and the scientific study of comparative global philosophical traditions (International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy). Currently working on numerous publications and academic projects. His main website is

The main speaker of the day will be Prof. S.A.R Prasanna Venkatachariar Chaturvedi of India. He is founder and director of the Sri Ramanuja Memorial trust, and an Indian yogi by philosophical training. He has written and lectured on a wide range of topics, all focused on how mankind can attain peace, in a number of different sphere of activity and knowledge, as follows:

PEACE BY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1. India and her neighbours 2. Indo-Pakistan relations 3. Srilanka – the Ethnic clash 4. Chinese Conflict and Solution 5. Bangladesh Infiltration issue 6. Defence Economics 7. Defence Electronics 8. Global Conflict study 9. The Palestinian crisis 10. Foreign Relations – need for a revival 11. Border disputes and settlements 12. Is Global Peace possible? 13. The Paradox of Power and Peace 14. Defence, War and Peace 15. Disarmament Policy
PEACE BY INTERRELIGIOUS HARMONY 1. The Peace Message of Bhagavad Gita 2. Religion for the Modern World 3. The dispute of Babri Masjid 4. Peace for the Kashmir Valley 5. Scriptures and Violence 6. Jihad – Ambiguity and Abnormity 7. Islamaphobia – the growing trend and the Islam solution 8. The problems of Conversion 9. Religio-Politics and Pseudo Secularism – Threats to Harmonious Coexistence 10. Indo-Semitic Religions – The Philosophical & Cultural Divide and the way for Peace 11. Religion, Ethics and Peace 12. Global Study of Minorities and Constitutional Justice
PEACE BY SOCIAL JUSTICE 1. Justice and Jurisprudence 2. Awakening of Planetary Consciousness 3. Save the Planet 4. The Era of Environmental Awareness 5. Peace and Human Rights 6. Ethical Treatment of Animals 7. The Evil Pair – Casteism and Racism 8. A Debate on Radical Feminism 9. Religions, Society and Gender Discrimination 10. Legal and Judicial Reforms 11. Common Justice and International Courts 12. Criminal Entity and Lineage – a Socio-Psychological Study
PEACE THROUGH SPIRITUALITY 1. Concepts of Individual Peace 2. Fundamentals of Family System and Domestic Harmony 3. Matrimony – Struggle, Solution and Success 4. The Art of Fraternity – a Spiritual Boon 5. Search for Inner Peace 6. Eudemonia – The Science of Bliss 7. Spiritual Tools for a Sound Mind 8. Meditation Exercises for Peace Culture 9. Prayer for the Planet – a Special Workshop 10. Behavioural Engineering 11. The Spiritual view of Health Concept – Acquisition, Preservation and Restoration methods 12. Bio Energy and Holistic Healing 13. Vishwashanti / Universal Peace – Mantras, Rituals and Prayers 14. The Techniques of Positive Infection 15. Child Care and Development – Prenatal and Embryonic Moulding 16. Vegetarianism – A message for Peace 17. Temples – The Reservoir of Peace 18. Peace Acquisition Apparatus – Worship and Service
PEACE THROUGH SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT 1. Peace through Poverty Alleviation 2. Job Crisis 3. Yuva Shakti – The need for harnessing Latent and Aberrant Youth Potential 4. The Art of Saving 5. Self-Employment, Wealth Management and National Economy 6. Global Economic Slump – India and its Future 7. Impact of Globalization and Privatization on India’s Indigenous Economy 8. Corporate Responsibility in National Architecture 9. War against Alcoholism, Smoking and Addiction 10. National Security – Strengths and Challenges 11. Social Intelligence – a Parallel Support for Military Intelligence 12. Social Reengineering- an Indian model 13. India for the new millennium 14. Dynamic Motivation and Leadership
PEACE AND CULTURE 1. Music of the Soul 2. Music for Peace 3. Rhythm for Healing Earth 4. Special Symphony for Spreading Peace 5. Aesthetics – a Vibrant tool for Peace Making and Peace Keeping 6. Painting and Peace 7. Peace through Poetic Melody 8. Dance System and the Mood of Tranquility 9. What India can teach to the World? 10. Music and its Influence on Brain Wave Pattern and Characteristic Mind 11. Art Forms and their Role in Inner Awakening 12. Music for Drastic Transformation
PEACE AND NATURE 1. Nature the Teacher of Peace 2. Penance for Peace in Silence 3. Oneness with Nature – The Blissful Solitude 4. The Language of Mountains 5. The Speech of Streams 6. Abundant Peace – A Grant from Greenery 7. Learn from and Live with Nature 8. The Energy Infinite 9. Decipher the Secrets of Nature 10. The Uninterrupted Peace Supply – the Cosmic Understanding 11. Human Life and its Absolute Nature 12. The Infrastructural Study of Symbiosis
SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND PEACE 1. Nuclear Policies and Peace Initiatives 2. Technology and Peace – A suspicious coexistence 3. Energy Hunt and Solutions 4. Cloning and other problems of Bio Ethics 5. The Global Alert of Climate Change – Scientific Solutions 6. Disaster – Detection, Mitigation and Management 7. Food Security, Agro Economics and Technology 8. The Triad – Science, Spirituality and Society 9. Modern Science – Hopes and Hazards 10. Breeding of Young Scientists 11. Intuitive and Innovative Intelligence for Peace 12. The Peace Machine
PEACE EDUCATION 1. Peace Feed – The Art of Teaching Peace 2. Wisdom – The One Stop Solution 3. Syllabus for Interreligious Integrity 4. Democracy – Teaching and Training Tools 5. Peace Manuals for Children 6. Peace Tourism – the Mobile Campus 7. Counseling Techniques for Peace Implantation 8. The Wireless Peace Communication 9. The Complete Peace Curriculum 10. ‘Shanti Diksha’ – Traditional Methods of Peace Initiation 11. Peace through Mass Communication and Media tools 12. Peace Journalism

The following are some of his academic responsibilities: Chief Mentor and Vice Chairman – Jawaharlal Nehru Institute for Advanced Research (JNIAR), Hyderabad ● Chairman, Association for Inter-Faith Dialogue & Action (AIDA), Hyderabad ● Advisor, International Peace Research Institute, URI Asia ● Distinguished Professor – Center for Religion, Peace & International Relations, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute for Advanced Studies (JNIAS), Hyderabad ● Distinguished Professor, School of Law, JNIAS ● Distinguished Professor, Pedagogy & Educational Reforms, C-STAR, Chennai ● Distinguished Professor – Department of Pharmacogenomics, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Medical Research (JNIAMER), Hyderabad ● Professor of Eminence – India International Multiversity, Pune ● Honorary Chairman, Advisory Board – PROBE (a resource center for Journalists), Delhi & Hyderabad ● Honorary Advisor – Pentagram Research Institute, Hyderabad ● Hon. Director, Center for Environment & Climate Change, Hyderabad ● Chief Patron – India’s Century Mission, Indian Heritage Academy, Bangalore ● Patron, International Interfaith Dialogue India, Cochin ● Patron, International Research Institute of Relative Economics (IRIRE), Rajasthan ● Secretary, World Vaishnava Association of Vienna ● Global Executive Member, All India Human Rights Association, Delhi ● Member, International Advisory Council, The Initiative on Sharing Wisdom, Malaysia ● Member, Advisory Board – Bharatiya Pragna

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The meeting is being organised by the Sri Ramanuja Memorial Trust.

For further details contact Gomathi Ravishankar
+91 97869 24775