I don’t normally address political matters directly, not being a political activist, but rather a philosopher, Druid, Christian, and teacher of religious studies, history and interfaith approaches to peace. But the events in parliament yesterday were of such significance to the future of Britain, and the general direction of travel, that I cannot resist commenting in some detail on my interpretation of their meaning. I am speaking as a philosopher of ethics and politics, and addressing several issues such as mendacity in politics, the so called “constitutional issues” arising from yesterday, the need to put a peace policy at the heart of UK foreign (and domestic) policy etc. I also address how we can find solutions to the continuing need to balance the books in the UK budget and how we can raise more than enough money to enable the current austerity cuts to cease. I also address the implications of this vote for future Scottish independence prospects and what that would mean for the rest of the UK. This talk is addressed to anyone interested in current UK political affairs, and indeed the relation between ethical, spiritual and political matters, in the contemporary world. If anyone wants more details on any of the topics addressed here, please email me directly at iipsgp@educationaid.net