I have been thinking long and hard about which way to vote in the forthcoming EU referendum here in the UK. Here are some philosophical observations and thoughts on this complex and difficult matter. I envy my friends who have been able to make up their minds easily. I have found it difficult, and think in this I am not unusual. I thought I would therefore share some of my thinking on this matter, that hopefully will be of interest to friends and colleagues far and wide. I am afraid I cannot give trite or ready-made answers to the many perplexities that affect us on this issue, but instead I have  hopefully been able to stimulate thought to move in new directions after listening to this piece. I would be happy to hear from those who listen as to their responses and any solutions they can offer to my conundrums. Here is the first part of my talk:

Here is the second part: 

and here’s the third part finally.. well my excuse is that it probably is the most important vote any of us in the UK will make in our lifetimes.. so we ought to think long and hard about which way to vote.. I hope my musings are helpful..