Every day at the Castle of the Muses (soon to become La Musee des Muses) we begin the day with interfaith meditations and prayers for peace and enlightenment, in which anyone visiting the Castle as a guest also joins in. As a regular feature, Thomas reads out from the book the Universal Calendar of Saints and Sages (http://www.lulu.com/shop/thomas-daffern/universal-calendar-of-saints-and-sages/paperback/product-641752.html), which he published in 2007 as the first attempt to provide daily inspiration from all faiths on the planet, not just from one or two religions. The categories are: Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Art Science and Culture, Pagan, Islamic, Jewish, Chinese Taoist and Confucian, Japanese Shinto, Zoroastrian, Bahai, Jain, Sikh,  Esoteric, Freemasonry and last but not least, Women who have their own “Sage Femme du Jour”. People include scientists, philosophers, writers, poets, artists, mystics, esotericists, writers, painters, encyclopedists, scholars, educators, teachers, thinkers… Only after publishing his book Thomas discovered that Auguste Comte had done something similar in the 19th century (positivist calendar) except he only has one or two per day, and each month of the year is themed. Also, Tolstoy did something similar, in a book he favoured above all his other books (A Calendar of Wisdom), but his includes wise thoughts from a small selection of sages for each  day of the year. Now Thomas has made a commitment to record these daily readings, and to keep this up for a whole year, since this will give a useful daily commentary on the world’s great intellectual and spiritual lineages and how we can best cooperate together for world peace and enlightenment. This project is intimately connected to the INTERFAITH PEACE TREATY.. unless there is deeper understanding between the worlds various faith communities, how can we get peace on the planet ?  Mere political diplomacy alone will not achieve the peace we need. Too many religious leaders are preaching hatred and division and a philosophy of “us against them” – this work is about creating an intellectual climate in which genuine deep interfaith peace dialogue and philosophy becomes possible. Here then are the Saints and Sages recorded for August 15 2016, the Day commemorated in the Christian calendar as the feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary… Enjoy listening..