Here is my commentary on the Saints and sages for 28 August. This includes Robert Owen, Ramanuja and St Augustine (about whom I have some critical things to say for his dark views of the afterlife)  and many other interesting figures. Here is the total list of thinkers covered in this talk:

Owen, Robert

Shinran (1173-1262) founded the Jodo-Shin Denomination
Shinran uses the term Jodo-shinshu to mean the true essence (shinshu) of the Pure Land (jodo) teaching of his master, Honen. His successors, however, came to use it for the name of their school, with Shinran as the founder, thus distinguishing it from other Pure Land schools that also claimed to succeed Honen’s teaching.

Mondrian, Piet (1872-1944) Dutch painter, painted in many styles including Fauvism and Cubism


Shahrastani 1076-1153, author of the Book of Religious and Philosophical Communities (Kitab al-milal wa-al-nihal) which comprised a vast study of the history of different religions in the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian worlds up to his day. He also wrote on theology (The Culmination of Demonstration in Scholastic Theology).

Luria, Alexander 1902 Russian psychologist

Wu Ch’eng-en 1500-1582, Chinese novelist from Shan-yang, Kiangsu, who collected foktales that went to make his long novel “Record of a Journey to the West”, which was based on the historical journey to India undertaken by the Buddhist monk Hsuan-Tsang 602-664 to retrieve sacred texts Jivan Singh, scholar and editor of Khalsao Sevak of Amritsar

Mounier, Emmanuel 1905-1960

Le Chapelier, Isaac 1754-1794

Montgomery, L.M. 1874-1942, Canadian authoress of Anne of Green Gables