Here is my latest audio message, recorded on Samhain eve, October 31st, 2016, at the Castle of the Muses in Scotland. In this short talk I address many issues of contemporary concern, from a spiritual and philosophical perspective. Samhain is the Druid new Year, and marks the final end of Summer and the beginning of the colder season (in the Northern Hemisphere). I hope this short talk appeals not only to my fellow Druid friends, but to a wider sphere: philosophers, students, qabalists, esoteric thinkers of all sorts, and policy analysts, peace experts and peace and conflict researchers. Among other things, I address the following topics: Sophiaphobia and the suppression of wisdom, the protests of Standing Rock by the water protectors, the round up and imprisonment and sacking of academics and journalists in Turkey, the fighting in Syria and Iraq; the future of NATO and Russian-NATO relations, the need for a well thought out peace policy on all fronts for all nations, Jain and Druid and Christian teachings on truth, Dharma and non-violence, the spiritual meaning of ahimsa, the false apocalypse being peddled by violent apocalypticians who would have us fight  destroy and kill in order to usher in a return of the Golden Age, and the true apocalypse of Enochian thought and advanced philosophical mysticism, which requires of each of us individually to find our inner enlightenment place… This is only a brief summary of the contents of this talk, which I hope will be of value in these dark and disturbing times we are living through as a planet. Individually, all we have is one small voice each. Together, if we unite our voices into a choir or a harmony, we can sing out the music of peace. So my message is finally optimistic, as  a call to reflection and deep thought, so that we can together figure out a way from the current mess, by first inquiring how we got into it in the first place.