This is my last sermon at the Castle of the Muses, recorded today on November 6, 2016. A great deal of the conflict and violence in today’s world is identified with binary logic, either/or, this v that.. the violence of the USA electoral rhetoric, of the pro-Eu or anti-EU debate in the UK, of Yes or No in the Scottish independence quest, or the ruthless life and death struggles going on in Syria – all these issues are addressed in this short sermon from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective. Teachings from the Druid, Christian, Qabalist, Sufi, Platonic, Hegelian, Pagan and Buddhist perspectives are presented in a clear and accessible way.  A solution is presented and a way forward to healing, peacemaking and reconciliation. Gratitude is given to all those who have come to the Castle for short or long visits in the last 6 years, and a welcome to all those who will visit Le Musee des Muses in Limousin, France, where this work will be continuing. We hope to open the Museum to visitors by January 2017. Our work to find a usable philosophy of peace for humanity will continue from there.