In this audio talk I am giving my response to the forthcoming election on June 8 and also revealing some behind the scenes correspondence I have had with both the Prime Minister and the other leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury and former Archbishops of Canterbury. Having lived in Scotland for 7 years I am convinced that the enforcement of Brexit by a new Tory government, if elected, will result in the swift break up of the UK with the exiting of Scotland from a union which has withstood the test of time since 1603. I explain my reasoning in depth in this talk and also suggest a remedy to prevent this disastrous situation from occurring. I am speaking not as a party political activist, but as a philosopher, a teacher, a political scientist, a Christian and an Archdruid. The imminent break up of the UK is an emergency situation which I am addressing directly in this talk, whereas the media, largely dominated by crass ignorance and commercial interests, are ignoring utterly this probability. This address is intended to reveal to the people of the UK the real issues at stake in this coming election. So whatever your political views, be it Conservative, or Labour, or Green, or Liberal Democrat, SNP or Plaid Cymru, or UKIP,  before you decide how to vote on June 8, please take time to listen to this two part talk. There will be a shorter presentation following shortly on You Tube on our IIPSGP1 channel – so watch this space !