This short address is aimed at all those throughout the UK who follow or respect the ancient wisdom paths of pre-Christian teachings known variously as Druid, pagan, Wiccan or Asatru faith paths. The author is a senior Druid elder in the UK, with responsibility as Peace officer to the Council of British Druid Orders, and runs the order of Peace Poets, Bards and Druids (OPPBD) as well as having received the Mount Haemus Druid Prize for 2010 for his work as a Druid scholar. He has authored numerous works concerning pagan and Druid philosophy, including Druidry and Transpersonal History. He is also the founder of the European Pagan Academic and Educational network (EUROPAEN) which held its first meeting on Wenlock Edge back in 2008. He has lived all over the UK, in Scotland for 7 years, in London for ten years, in Sussex for many years, in Wales for ten years, and he also chairs the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Stonehenge. This was set up in 1999 and has held over 35 meetings in and around Wiltshire since then, having been set up originally by Thomas and the late George Firsoff. Having thought through in detail the complications of Brexit and the coming General Election, Thomas has decided that there is a 99.99% chance that if Brexit is implemented by a re-elected Conservative government, the Scottish people will similarly choose to leave the UK over this, in order to remain inside the European Union, after having held a second UK independence referendum. To keep the UK together is in the  authors opinion, a necessary hallmark for continuing the levels of human rights provision, constitutional order and intellectual work that has been going on since the crowns of Scotland, England Wales were first united in 1303 when King James took over the crown on the death of Queen Elizabeth 1st. The UK has traditionally been a safe haven for pagan thinkers, ever since the enlightenment and when Herbert of Chirbury launched the ideas of deism. The persecution of witches was abolished after the 18th century enlightenment brought about a realisation that as Queen Elizabeth 1st had said, being a witch isn’t a crime – misusing witchcraft to harm or kill, is a crime It was this distinction in law that eventually enabled pagans,  witches and Druids to flourish inside the religious freedoms of British constitutional liberty.  Freemasonry, arguably an ancient survival of pagan wisdom, also flourished inside the United Kingdom over many centuries. Religious freedom and constitutional liberty have long been pioneered inside the UK, the slave trade was abolished in the UK before all other world nations, the UK managed to defeat Hitler and the totalitarian government he stood for, and to launch the United Nations. Our Commonwealth of 53 nations is now an important network for all those who support religious liberty, freedom of thought and conscience and political liberalism around the world. To throw all this away because we re-elect a Conservative Government hell bent on implementing a divisive and non-democratic Brexit policy is sheer political madness. Especially one that is in league with reactionary states like Saudi Arabia which persecutes pagans and witches with the death penalty.  Brexit was rejected by the voters of Scotland and Northern Ireland, and given their determination on this issue, it is hardly worth trying to bully and bluff the voters of Scotland and Northern Ireland into accepting Brexit and then expecting them to remain inside the United Kingdom. Pagans and Druids have a responsibility to see the future, to predict events – pagans often used oracles to enable access to the wishes of the Gods, and Delphi, Cumae, Dodona and Didyma were famous for giving political and spiritual advice to all citizens who wished to consult them.  Pythagoras the great Greek seer was a friend of Abaris the wandering Druid who became his close friend and fellow seeker of wisdom. Druids belonged to the great Celtic tribal peoples who once held sway over all of the British isles, and also Gaul, Austria, much of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Northern Spain and northern Italy. It is the Druid duty of speaking truth to power, and speaking out about the long term consequences of decisions being made by short term politicians that has prompted Dr. Thomas Daffern to speak out in this important address. Please listen if you care about thinking through these things and interpreting the will of the Gods as much as we can, and why this election matters more than any other we might live through in our lifetimes.