Following the recent declaration warning against hastily jumping to conclusions over the Salisbury poisoning case, which I have signed and authored, along with philosophers and other intellectual colleagues from around the world, the situation in Syria has suddenly reached fever pitch in the Western media as if to stampede the world into a major military confrontation over the issues of a chemical weapons attack. This however prejudges the situation which has received no proper forensic and investigative analysis. Until then, we should all calm down, and find out who actually was responsible, then let them be dealt with according to international law and due process. Meanwhile the international community should be trying to mediate this civil war in Syria, not add to it by further militarisation.  But for that to happen, we have to learn about the deeper background of this crisis. We have to be prepared to take the long term view. In this dangerous situation it is imperative that the voices of intellectuals and philosophers and academics can be heard above the conflicting claims and hysterical war rhetoric that we are hearing, even from our elected political leaders. Intelligent political leaders who wish to be remembered by coming generations as having prevented wars, rather than having triggered them, need to reflect soberly on this situation we find ourselves in. Please listen in to this important talk, share it widely with friends and colleagues, and try to  get your MP’s, Lords, members of Congress, the Knesset and other elected political leaders to listen too. Hopefully, we can still avoid a planetary melt-down.. but we do all need to put our thinking caps on..