Following the attack on Syria by the USA, UK and France, on Friday 13 April and Saturday 14 April, a decision taken by Prime Minster Theresa May without consulting parliament, or the democratic will of the people of Britain, debates finally took place in the UK parliament on Monday 16 April and Tuesday 17 April. Although the quality of these debates were in some parts marked by excellent rhetorical flourishes and showed some basic understanding of the complexity of the situation we now find ourselves in as a world, the author has recorded his own detailed comments on these debates in the enclosed two talks. He has pointed out some major flaws not just with the thinking of MP’s as evidenced in  the debates, but also points out some problems with the existing UK Constitution as it tries to deal with a new era of information warfare, propaganda and truth-deficits. The fact that the “secret intelligence” on which this military action was launched was shared only with members of the Privy Council, and does in fact appear to be flawed if not mendacious, raises the ethical and political question about whether we now live in the UK in a Kryptocracy., where secrecy, lies and half truths determine policies that could literally mean the end of life in the UK and Europe for generations to come. Is this right or just ? is it intelligent ? The speaker works through some major issues that are concerning everyone in the UK and globally right now about the whole tragic confict going on in Syria and above all, how we can best end it and mediate a genuine peace agreement, and why we should. He suggests that the UK’s foreign policy needs to be entirely rethought and a new branch of policy be developed, which he has christened “peace policy” to balance the work of our current think tanks who talk only of military and security policy, foreign policy and strategic policy. There is no joined up thinking going on whatsoever about peace policy in the government of the UK, as was made clear by the debates in Parliament this week; nor apparently is it going on in the Opposition.  But these talks should interest not only UK citizens but also all Commonwealth, Europe, Middle Eastern, American and indeed Russian thinkers. The author is radically calling for joined up global thinking about peace, and a truly universal peace policy being developed. Among other things he calls for a new floor to be put on top of the existing Pentagon building: a 9 Sided circular shape (A Nonagon) which would house a new Department of Peace dedicated solely to peace thinking, mediation, and conflict resolution, just as the thinking of the Pentagon is dedicated to war fighting and covert destabilisation of countries around the world. The Pentagon is the biggest single drain on the world’s collective wealth, and is like a black hole literally siphoning off the collective wealth of the planet, in pursuit of the chimera of “security”. It needs capping, literally, and the drain of global wealth towards militarism needs to be plugged. The UK should likewise develop a genuine Department of Peace to offset the work of the Ministry of Defence. Anyone who cares about seeing truthful and intelligent peace thinking  applied to shaping policy in the UK governing structures, and who is prepared for some genuine “blue skies” thinking, should listen in to these two talks.


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