This is a poem read by Thomas Daffern, who as well as being a poet and philosopher and historian, is also the Peace Druid of the Council Of British Druid Orders and has recently founded the European Council of Druids. He also founded and directs the work of the Order of Peace, Poets, Bards and Druids and has published 6 volumes of poetry to date, and recorded an audio version of them also.  He has posted many times on this blog why he opposes Brexit as a serious dumbing down to the innate genius of the British people; as a sell out to the boring and bland accountant-bankers who run the City of London and who dictate the policies of the Tory Party, and who act from selfish and immoral ends and purposes. Here he marshals the flaming bolts of light from Lugh, the Bardic and Druidical Sun God, who gives his name to Lyon, Lugdunum (London) and Carlisle and many other great cities across Europe, in order to stop and prevent the breaking up of the Uk, and to prevent brexit, and invokes rather the Muses’ preferred vision of peace, harmony, love and unity as prevailing throughout the great European cultural sphere from the West of Ireland through to the mountains of Armenia.. in one landscape of peace.. But first, Lugh has one last heroic deed to perform, to kill the one eyed demon of Tory Island, Balor, and to this end, this poem shows the way, and acts as a call to valour and courage for all the true bards and sages of Britain, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and Europe to this sacred cause. Thomas lives in the Druid heartland of Gaul (France) where he runs the Museum of the Muses and directs the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy. He has a PhD from the University of London for his work as a historian of intellectual history and has lectured at the University of London and Oxford and served as a teacher of religious studies and philosophy in many British schools. He has performed at the Struga Poety Festival in Macedonia on three occasions.