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Having just recently returned from a whistle-stop visit to the U.K during which I gave two lectures on the Metaphysics of Brexit, called THE KARMA OF BREXIT: A THEOSOPHICAL AND TRANSPERSONAL PERSPECTIVE, I have now returned to France to continue my work as Director of the European Peace Museum and to reflect on what we are living through in contemporary history.


Today, January 24 I have now finally published the fruit of some 3 years solid work, namely my history of the events of 9/11 and their possible causes, and proven consequences.


Since 9/11 we have had a continual series of international geopolitical disasters, including the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the destabilisation of that country, the destabilisation (attempted) of Syria by the same UK/USA military alliance which invaded Iraq, and unleashed the extremist Islamic jihadis who formed ISIS and other Sunnite groups.


In my book on 9/11 I do not give a definite answer as to who was behind 9/11 but I do give 15 hypothesis as to whom might have been involved. One thing I am certain of, from years of study and research, that the official Bush narrative, that 9/11 was caused by 19 Al Qaeda agents acting along under the command of Ossama Bin Laden, was simply not true. In other words, it was a lie – but if so then was it deliberate, and who concealed it – who concocted these layers of deception  ? That question is at the heart of this book. The answer to it will also implicate whoever was involved in the actual plot behind 9/11 namely the pre-wiring of the buildings at the Twin towers.


I trained in my historical research at the University of London and ended up specialising in modern and contemporary history, so I have brought all my forensic skills as a contemporary historian to bear on the questions confronted in the book – who caused 9/11, why, and for what purposes. Other writers have tackled these questions before, and have come up with a variety of answers (Mossad did 9/11, the CIA did it, Saudi Intelligence did it, China did it, Iran or Iraq did it,  UK intelligence was somehow involved, aliens and Dracos who are colonising our planet did it) and so on and on. I examine all these hypothesis, and more,  from the most probable to the least probable, and suspend judgment on their veracity while examining the evidence. The one thing we can all agree on – somebody must have done it ! This is the first time that any trained historian has actually tackled this huge and complex subject.

Another thing I should add – in the last couple of years I have been developing a new field of religious studies called Comparative Diabology. I have been writing and lecturing on the whole complex history of what or who the “devils” are in different religious and philosophical traditions – and how should we understand them ? Extraterrestrials of very nasty mien ? Psychological shadows we all carry within us ? Fallen angels from a primordial paradise who dared top challenge the top God ? Every faith, and sub denomination within the faiths, has their own take on the Devil story. One thing I believe strongly, and that this book explores, is that however and whatever the devil actually may or may not be, then that same force was certainly behind 9/11, psychologically at least. So this book is also an exorcism, a confrontation, a calling out. In the Mary Magdalene Studies Association that we have launched here in France, we have learned, at our recent two annual conferences so far in 2017 and 2018, that Mary and Jesus were brave and fearless when it came to exorcising negative and demonic forces. So should we learn to be as historians, which is part of the point of “transpersonal history”. If you lack courage as a historian, stick to the history of cricket or something, if you are fearless, join me in studying the history of 9/11. As the quote says on the floor of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in Manhattan, the mother church of the entire Anglican Communion worldwide: “The truth Shall Set You Free”



It is a fact that the time-line of my PhD thesis covered the Intellectual history of the search for peace from 1945-2001, and it stopped exactly at 9/11. So it is perhaps also appropriate that I should, of all historians, be the one to take up the pen again to examine the complex history of the post 9/11 world and our search for answers to the riddles of  9/11.


The reason I have devoted some 3 years of my research time to this work, is because I think it is the single most important issue that historians need to solve, to answer the simple question: – who actually caused 9/11 to unfold as it did, and why ? Who commanded and ordered this operation ? Why has no one been put properly on trial as yet ? Why has no one been brought to justice over this ? Why was all the forensic evidence from the site removed so quickly after the explosions ?


The book is nearly 400 pages in length, as you would expect from a detailed coverage of such an important subject, and I hope it will be read by fellow historians around the world, but also by the general public, to begin with in the English speaking world. The book is dedicated to “everyone on planet earth who has ever wondered, if only fleetingly, whether the official narrative of the events of 9/11, which were soon marshalled into giving some kind of legitimacy or excuse for the tragic and needless invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the USA and UK, with incalculable subsequent consequences in terms of the destabilisation of the Islamic and Middle Eastern world, was actually founded on veracity or not ? It’s a work of historical research in greater depth and more sustained analysis on this topic than has hitherto been attempted and is the first such study by a professional academic historian to ask these questions in any sustained and comprehensive manner. This book is also dedicated as an homage to all those amazing historians who were part of my own intellectual training at the University of London, and whose lectures and seminars I have attended over the years, or who worked in previous decades and helped make history a recognise pursuit for genuine academics worldwide.” But perhaps most importantly, the book is dedicated to the memory of the lives of all those who died on 9/11 in the USA, as well as those who died subsequently in the Middle Eastern wars which were triggered following those tragic events, including the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the subsequent civil wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere. Whoever was responsible for 9/11 seems to enjoy warfare and killing and does not take much joy in actually causing peace, and this is why I am determined to track down who was responsible for 9/11 and the subsequent wars and mayhem in the Middle East, as well as the victims of terrorism that have over spilled into other regions, including above all Europe, where a million refugees have fled the destabilisation of the middle east especially in Syria.


The book is also dedicated to Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was a brave general of the anti-Taliban forces trying to keep Afghanistan in the 21st century, yet who was assassinated in a complex plot, having all the hallmarks of an international covert intelligence attack, 2 days before the events of 9/11 unfolded.


I knew people who were close to Ahmad Shah Massoud, and also met his brother, in 1997, when he was the then Afghan Ambassador to the UK, when I went to the Afghan Embassy for peace mediation talks having just set up my Multifaith and Multicultural Mediation Service (MMMS) whose history I subsequently recounted as part of my PHD thesis, and which still remains the only specialised mediation service dealing with interfaith conflict resolution. 18 years after 9/11 we still have  civil war raging in Afghanistan, with tens of thousands having died in the interval since then, and no lasting peace in sight, and so this book is also dedicated to the all the Afghans who have died since 9/11, largely blamed by international opinion for events that may well have not been plotted exclusively or even mainly on their terrain. One thing is certain – that whoever killed Ahmad Shah Massoud, was also responsible for the events of 9/11 themselves, and I therefore address these puzzles in this complex and detailed historical study.


But this book is not the final word on the subject, on the contrary, it is the first word. It is a Prolegomena.  It is the first time that the subject of 9/11 has been properly tackled in any shape or form by a trained historian. History however is a collaborative project, and just as in the work of mediaeval chroniclers sitting in their mediaeval abbeys, who relied on distant works by chroniclers and historians they had never met, to construct their narratives of history, and to join up all the pieces of the broken jagged edges of time, so too, to realise and comprehensively answer the historical questions in depth about who or what was responsible for 9/11 and with what purposes and motivations and with what ends and consequences, will be the work of many other present and future historians. I am simply an intellectual scout venturing into new territory that has not been covered before in any depth.

It is a simple fact that the topic has never been covered in any of the mainstream historical journals in the English speaking world, nor have any conferences or seminars been held at the most prestigious of our historical institutions, such as the School of History (University of London), or events organised by the Royal Historical Society, or the American Historical Association, nor even the World Conference of Historical Sciences (which meets every 5 years) and is due to meet in 2019 in Poland, where I hope to be presenting this work.

World Trade Center Hit by Two Planes


And so we come to Brexit – readers of this blog will have noticed over recent months my absolute determination to expose the intellectual weakness and ignorance of Brexit as a policy decision for the future stability and well being of the UK. It will make everyone poorer in the UK apart from a few very rich disaster capitalists who will stand to gain, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and his type. I have published the only in depth Journal going into all aspects of the Brexit arguments, for and against, which is available here:

In my recent talks in the UK I reminded listeners how the process of Brexit seems calculated to cause maximum self-harm to the UK and to lead to its demise as a great power. It will lead to a return to fighting on the streets of Belfast, and the eventual reunification of Ireland as the North of Ireland rejects Brexit and chooses instead to rejoin the Republic of Ireland and remain in the EU. It will lead to the separation of Scotland from the UK, as that proud nation also rejects brexit, and chooses instead a path of peace, social justice and social democracy, far more in tune with its own culture and intellectual history that the disaster capitalism that the Brexiteer Tories stand for. All this I foresee if brexit cannot be stopped in the remaining few weeks available to us. It is even possible that if Parliament actually legislates against a hard brexit, the Tory government extremist Brexiteers might try to do a coup and suspend parliament anyway, as Jacob Rees Mogg is advocating, like a being from another planet.

But what is the connection, if any, between Brexit and the events of 9/11 – is there any ? Will future historians shake their heads in disbelief that no one saw it at the time ? I suspend judgment, but all I will say here and now, is that the evidence is quite strong that whatever forces were behind 9/11 are also the same forces, in a similar or even identical combination, to the forces behind Brexit – and by that I mean the groups of shadowy operatives who use internet stalking, trolling, ghosting, false news,   and all the other dark-arts that have been developed in covert intelligence circles in recent years. I am at least 90% certain that whoever was paying for and operating these dark arts to ensure a victory for the leave campaign, was also, at the uppermost chain of command,  in the know about who had been responsible of the events of 9/11.

But how is that possible, you might ask – surely somebody by now would have blown the whistle ? Surely somebody would have exposed this massive conspiracy and called out the people who seem to be responsible ?

Well, for historical reasons that readers of my autobiography might be able to work out, it has fallen to me to be the one to blow the whistle. You will understand more when you have read this my history of 9/11, which also gives something of my own personal reasons for writing the book.

I would also like to state that if you thought the negative consequences of 9/11 were bad, the negative consequences of Brexit in the long run are also going to be bad, and on something approaching the same magnitude.

And I can let the reader into a secret in advance: whoever was responsible for 9/11 was certainly not a European nation – it was not Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Luxemburg, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland or any of the other nations of the European Union, with the sole possible exception of the UK, who may well have had advanced warning of 9/11 in their uppermost intelligence and political circles.  I address this hypothesis, along with all the others,  in the course of the book. (Of course I might be wrong, it could have been Slovenia !)

There is also as strange karmic twist – if someone(s) at the very pinnacle of UK intelligence and policy knew 9/11 was an at least partially false flag event, and yet authorized the invasion of Iraq in 2003, thus showing incredible arrogance and hubris and disregard for truth, then the karmic pay back for this action might well be the unraveling of the UK itself post brexit – which is really Gods way of showing that the rules of Karmic justice still prevail. The UK has for too long gone about destroying, subverting and meddling in the lives of other nations – now it is about to meddle in its own affairs to its own self-destruction, perhaps. How ironic !  (But of course, this is simply theory at this stage of play).

But ultimately this is not book written by one person. I have read through and studied virtually every single book previously written about 9/11 from a variety of perspectives, and have given a critical analysis of their contents in my own work. A huge literature review takes up over 100 pages of the current work, as you would expect in an academic historical  study.

But it is only a beginning, which is why it is entitled PROLEGOMENA TO A HISTORY OF 9/11 –  I have taken my cue from Kant here, in his Prolegomena To Any Future Metaphysic, (In the original German: Prolegomena zu einer jeden künftigen Metaphysik, die als Wissenschaft wird auftreten können) meaning that he was trying to point out certain common and fundamental problems which any future metaphysical theory after his day, would have to address.

So too in this work, I am merely writing a ground work so to speak, pointing out what terrain the work of future historians will have to cover, if we are to get a comprehensive, accurate and true version of the history of 9/11, as to who was actually behind it, and therefore why it happened. This obviously has huge implications for current policy in the Middle East, both among Middle Eastern nations themselves, but also for the whole of Europe and the USA and other nations worldwide.

The work also has huge implications for international organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the British Commonwealth, the Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR nations) and so on and in our common search for a peace policy as a global community of nations and inter-nations. The work also has significance for the various arms of the world federalist movement, and wherever people are trying to struggle towards some kind of global ethical world order. If elites within nations or intelligence services can conspire together to pull off events such as 9/11, then it means truly that the world’s ethical world-order activists are going to have one hell of an enormous struggle on their hands to challenge these dark War-Lords and their lackeys.

The subtitle of the work is TOWARDS A HISTORICAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO 9/11 and here is the final conclusion of my book, that the data is so complex, the sources we need to draw on are so varied and the rival and competing theories as to causation so varied and difficult to prove or disprove, that we are going to need an INTERNATIONAL HISTORICAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO 9/11. This body, which IIPSGP will inaugurate here from France, and chair, will comprise only of professional and fully trained historians of the highest calibre, with at least a PhD in the subject,  who can be expected to be thoroughly objective and professional in their treatment of the topic and the evidence that we will examine. The work of the Commission is expected to take at least 3 years to complete and to run from 2019 to 2022, when it is hoped it shall be ready to deliver it first report.

Any fellow historians reading this blog with appropriate expertise and who wish to get involved in this vital work, please first read this book in detail, and then contact the author with a request to be invited to serve on the Commission.

The final point to make, is that this book is not only an historical study, although it is mainly that – it is also a philosophical and ethical study of 9/11. One of the most active researchers working on 9/11 issues hitherto is philosopher David Ray Griffin, who is a Process philosopher and theologian who has been most active in 9/11 research. But the one topic he has never written about, or lectured about, is exactly what is covered in the current book – namely who or what might have been actually behind the events of 9/11. He is brilliant at showing, conclusively, that for countless reasons, the official Bush Presidency narrative is unsound and untrue – but he has never attempted to put forward any possible alternative narrative or explanations. This work begins therefore, where Griffin’s work ends. As Coordinator of Philosophers for Peace in Europe (and Vice President globally) it is my duty therefore to pose the complex questions I have pursued in this book, and to have adopted the historical methodology as the most likely to yield concrete results. I have written this book therefore as a philosopher as well as a historian and I hope that not only professional philosophers, but also true lovers of wisdom and intellectuals throughout the world will find insights and ideas of value concealed in its pages.

In conclusion, it seems to me that in our media driven and information rich world, we have become more and more swept over by floods of detail, floods of concern, presented to us minute by minute by facebook and other social and digital media platforms, which give us hardly any time to stand back and focus on the deeper patterns behind events, or the deeper meanings of our lives. We are constantly in a state of reacting to this or that crisis, or this or that “world emergency”. The increasing impoverishment of large sections of the population adds yet further anxiety to our already crowded lives as many people must daily struggle for their own survival and have no time or leisure to ask bigger picture questions. But I have a duty as both a philosopher and historians to ask these bigger picture questions, and having been determined to make the leisure time to research and write this book, have managed to see it through to completion, and now present the fruits of those years of work to my fellow human beings, for all our sakes.

Anyone desirous of owning a copy of this book, which has been a long time in the making, can find it here: