Colleagues are asking me for my response to the news that a small group of Privy councillors including Rees-Mogg, the arch brexiteer and ante-diluvian right-wing conservative financial profiteer from Brexit, have been with the soo called “Prime Minister” to Balmoral to demand that the Queen prorogue parliament and that the Queen has apparently given way and signed this into effect without blinking an eyelid. She has also apparently ignored a request from the Leader of the Opposition to hold a meeting. So what do I think ? What is my response, both legally and philosophically? Ok let me put you into the picture. Last year, in 2018, after campaigning against Brexit strongly for 2 years, I wrote to the Queen, finally, in frustration and told her that in my view, Brexit was an immoral, unethical and constitutionally unsound project which would lead to the break up of the UK. I expressed my view that the referendum of 2016 result ha been misinterpreted for reasons that are inexplicable and by interests who do not have the well being of the Uk at heart, in such a way that it will lead to the inevitable break up of the UK. I appealed to her as sovereign to resist the rush to brexit as her constitutional duty was to defend the realm, which meant that to ensure its continuation as a state came foremost before all else. She kindly had a correspondence secretary write back and tell me, that although she appreciated hearing my views, and had taken careful note of them, “as a constitutional sovereign, Her Majesty acts on the advice of Her Ministers and remains strongly non-political at all times”. I mulled over this response and watched events. Then when I saw that the Conservatives were continuing to act as if their interpretation of the outcome of the 2016 advisory referendum was the only permissible one, and as the BBC continued to give no air time to any effective opposition, and as parliament continued to be shackled, I then wrote again a long letter in which I made several points to her Majesty, even more specifically. Now I am putting into the public view this letter in full for the first time, on this same day August 28. St Augustines Day, 2019,  as a result of her actions, which I regard as mistaken and unsound constitutionally. Here is the letter in full:


Director,  Dr. Thomas Daffern  B.A. (Hons) D.Sc. (Hon) Ph.D.

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October 2018

Dear Queen Elizabeth 2nd,

Further to my previous letter of 28 June 2018, in which I warned of the likely consequences of Brexit and the break up of the UK  with the secession of Scotland and the reunification of Ireland as an independent Republic, as well as the impoverishment and the people of the remaining England and Wales. You kindly replied in August and thanked me for expressing my views. I stated as follows:

“It is my understanding that you have a constitutional duty as Monarch to defend the integrity of your realm.  Your Privy Councillors have a sworn duty to protect Your Majesty from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I am writing to you not as a Privy Councillor but as a loyal subject, to warn you of the impending danger which I foresee for your kingdom.”

I am forced to write again however because the Prime Minister shows no sign of listening to the facts of reality, she is ignoring the will of the House of Commons and the House of Lords (which is against either the Brexit deal she negotiated or a hard Brexit) and is doing her best to implement a falsely held and illegal engineered referendum which took place back in 2016 against the will of the vast majority of the people of the UK, and against the expressly declared will of the people of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

You have told me in your letter that there is nothing you can do, and in effect that as a constitutional monarch you are duty bound to follow the instructions of the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons, who has the right to simply do whatever they want, and over-ride any views you may have yourself.

With all due respect I am myself duty bound to point out this is not strictly true.

We are all duty bound by our own consciousness, and by our loyalty to the cosmic codes of honour, duty and, truth and divine law, as have been all previous generations of human beings who have ever walked on earth.

All monarchs who have ever ruled are also duty bound to uphold the spiritual law in the light of which they themselves were anointed and rule, in your case, the spiritual laws of Christianity, which are based on love, as you so eloquently make the point year after year in your Christmas addresses to the Commonwealth.

To allow or permit your Prime Minister to wilfully implement a policy which is causing massive suffering to the people of the UK, including those many UK citizens who now live in Europe, as well as EU citizens who live in the UK – and to implement an ill thought out policy which will result in massive destabilisation to our nation, which will lead to the withdrawal of Scotland from the UK, which will lead to the people of Northern Ireland to leave the UK (although this will probably be accompanied by a resumption of violence) – is with all due respect going entirely contrary to your actual duties as a Queen. There is always an unwritten covenant between a monarch and his or her subjects, overseen by the Divine.

I am writing to you as a loyal Anglican Christian layman, but also as an Archdruid, indeed the Archdruid of both the Uk and Europe when it comes to peace matters. My concern is that Theresa May’s actions are going to precipitate untold future violence on the UK, and that is what we must share a common commitment to preventing.

You can say to me, I have no authority to write to you, I am simply a citizen with no political power, and you must do what your prime minister tells you. But I would say that your right to rule as Monarch stems from the divine realms, and that whereas the British Isles have been a Christian land for nearly 2000 years, for approximately 10,000 years of settled habitation before that time, they were a pagan and Druid land, and thus I am writing with the authority of those accumulated 12,000 years of history, custom and law behind my words. I would beg you therefore to listen carefully.

In the ancient law of Britain, if a monarch acted against cosmic law, the Druid council had the duty to request them to resign and abdicate and to replace them with another monarch who could actually discern the cosmic law more properly.

I had always thought you were a good and true monarch to your people, but in not standing up to this wilful, morally blind and future-ignorant Prime Minister (forgive my frankness, but I am duty bound to speak the truth) and the hard right wing of the Conservative party, you are dangerously close to colluding in an act of national vandalism that is frankly toxic to the future wellbeing of all your people and your own descendents. Do you not care about the impact this will have on the poor, the homeless, the less fortunate, the disabled, the unemployed ? Do you have no compassion, as monarch, for the horrendous backward step that leaving the EU will have for the rights of workers and all the less well off people in society ?

In ancient times, the greatest monarchs of all lands have always made it a habit to walk incognito amongst their subjects and to find out how they actually live, and what kinds of problems they were facing. I think it is time this custom was brought back into play. You of course would have to be in disguise since you are so well known !

I am pleading with you whilst there is still time, to use your influence to try to persuade Theresa May to hold a second referendum, which is the only democratic fair and just way out of this constitutional crisis. It is not against your duty as monarch to ask her to do this, but on the contrary, it is directly and properly in your direct right and line of duty to ask her to do this. Your subjects would love you forever if this were to happen and breathe a huge sigh of relief. All the polls show that the UK would then not leave the EU after all, the economy would gradually restore itself and the lives of countless millions of people would be restored to their own sovereignty and happiness. A very small number of Brexit fanatics would be disappointed, but frankly they are not the sort of people one would want round for tea. And one should certainly not be afraid of such extremist types. That is why we have police and intelligence services and laws: to protect us from such people.

There is however another possibility here: it is just possible that you have yourself been persuaded, by advisers, friends, family, etc. that then Uk should indeed leave the EU as soon as possible, and that once we leave everything can then settle down and go back to normal – and that the people of Scotland will simply accept this, and the people of Northern Ireland can be made to accept it, if necessary by troops once more on the streets of Belfast. It is possible that it is your intention to force Brexit on the people of the UK and turn it into a personal loyalty conundrum – “if you are loyal to me as Queen then you must accept brexit, if not you are a traitor” etc. Is this possibly the case ? If so, then with all due respect I can only  repeat that you have been catastrophically badly advised. The people of Scotland only very narrowly voted to remain in the UK, and largely only because they were told they would automatically be thrown out of the EU if they left the UK. Now this is reversed entirely. Likewise with the people of Northern Ireland.

I would put it to you therefore that for your own good, as well as or your heirs and successors, you would be advised to do all you can to immediately prevent brexit happening, by advising your prime minister to hold a second referendum and to enact the necessary legislation at once to make this possible (including suspending article 50)..

Finally, if you are convinced finally by the veracity of my word (and I swear on the throne of all the Gods and Goddesses that I am speaking 100% truthfully to you), then you have one last constitutional procedure open to you. You can threaten to the Prime Minister to abdicate rather than signing the final legislation to enable the Uk to leave the EU. You can say that in all conscience you cannot and will not tolerate this act to take place under your reign and therefore, you will abdicate unless she calls a second referendum. Finally, if she refuses to back down in private, then you can go public with this threat, and I believe that the vast mass of the British people will be supporting you in this brave and defiant act of common sense. Millions of ff people would surround Buckingham Palace to support you. We love you as our Queen, we love the Uk and we also love Europe and its European Union. We do not want to be tortured any more by the Brexit nightmare.

Yours truthfully, loyally and advisedly,

Dr Thomas Clough Daffern

So that was the letter I sent about a year ago. And her reply ? Nothing, zero. Not even a polite response, like I got to the last letter. And now this. It its beginning to look therefore to me that she has indeed decided to collude as much as possible in Brexit and to enable the hard-right coup to succeed. As she has ignored, blatantly and without even the courtesy of a reply. my moral and philosophical and constitutional advice. of course, I have no “power” in any formal political sense, but I do have the power of a clear conscience before God (Ulitmate Truth) and the power of having thought this through at the deepest possible level of analysis as a moral philosopher.

I also believe that the Queen has been terribly badly advised that it is her duty to just do whatever Boris Johnson wants, and to sign into effect anything he deems appropriate. This is simply not the case. She has a duty as head of state to allow the commons to debate this matter in detail and see if a hard brexit, or any brexit, really is the will of parliament. To have intervened as she has done on the side of the hard brexiteers is a total usurpation of the rights of parliament, in my considered option, and to say otherwise is to distort the facts.

How have we got to this place, how has it been possible? think we cannot ignore the role of the media in this, including al the mass media of the Uk, such as the BBC, and al the television and print and on line media. Nearly all of them have since 2016 been driving home a relentless message that the “will of the people” is to leave the Eu adn this must be respected and implemented. This is a travesty. It was not the will of Scotland and not the will of Northern Ireland, and it was not the will of many other  UK citizens. in fact the figures are as follows:

 The majority of registered voters in fact, did not vote for this outcome in the Referendum in 2016: of all registered voters only 72% actually voted, meaning that 28% didn’t vote at all for whatever reason (an abstention is actually a vote for the status quo, which is to remain in the EU). Of those who did vote, 35% voted to remain, 36% voted to leave. This means that 64% of the total voters registered to vote in your kingdom did not vote to leave the EU. In addition, the majority of voters of Northern Ireland voted to remain  in the European Union. The majority of voters of Scotland chose to remain in the European Union.  The great majority of British citizens now want a second referendum of this most vital of political questions. 

This accurate depiction of the 2016 referendum result is never given by the Uk media. Instead, it is endlessly repeated that the figures were 48% and 51% =- but this is a distortion of the facts as explained above,. The figures should be given as 35% voting to remain, and 36% voting to leave. but people have been literally brainwashed into thinking that 48% and 51% is factual. it is not, it is a distortion, that has been repeated so often, it has become “true”.  the British people are known for their fairness and sense of justice, or at least they used to be, yet the way the 2016 was hijacked and misinterpreted by the Tory Party is so scandalous that it has forever brought that into question. The events of today just confirm this even further.

Am I shocked at today’s events? Yes, of course. Am I suprised? I am not surprised that the Tory hard right coup leaders have gone to the Queen to ask them to prevent parliament from discussing Brexit properly. I am surprised that the Queen has so casually acquiesced to this request, and this has confirmed in me a growing sense of unease that she has now come down on the side of the Tory Brexit extremists, and has accepted their narrative of events, based on totally fake history. Why would she do this, a woman we assumed to be intelligent and morally sound? Each of us must draw our own conclusions about this. Perhaps the queen is not as morally intelligent as we thought, which is a bit of a shock to the Anglicans among us who assumed she was, or perhaps she has been blackmailed and leaned on by some nasty (offshore ?) intelligence agents who have compromising pictures of some of her relatives in strange sexual postures (perhaps her son Prince Andrew for instance, in connection with the Epstein case) and for her own domestic peace of mind, she is willing to do whatever is requested of her. This raises a profound constitutional question – if a monarch can indeed be blackmailed into committing acts of treason against her own subjects, at what point is it necessary to blow the whistle. What do honest patriots do at such a time ? in John Locke’s political philosophy, if a monarchy commits acts of treason against the well being of the peoples of a given country, then those people have the right to rebellion and to disavow loyalty to such a treasonous monarch. Why ? Because obedience to the laws of morality superseded all other mere legalisms, according to the philosophical tradition that John Locke represented, which was the very foundation of modern notions of human rights. His ideas were taken up by all subsequent revolutionary attempts, including the Americain revolution, and its premise that giovernemnt6 is instituted in order to preserve the freedom, liberties and happiness of the people in general. Leaving the EU is so grossly undercutting this compact, this unwritten law of our basic constitution as a country, that the entire edifice of the constitutional monarchy on which we thought our country was based, has now to be called into question. So if John Locke was right and we have a right to rebel and withdrawn obedience from a corrupt and compromised feudal hierarchical system, that has today declared war against the well being of its own people, in what form should that rebellion manifest? In my opinion it should take the form first and foremost of intellectual dissent, and truth seeking. Gandhi called active nonviolence resistance to oppression, the force of satyagraha. The people of the UK, all of us, the millions who voted to remain and the millions who have now decided remain is indeed in the best interests of the happiness of the vast majority of UK citizens, all have a duty to hold onto truth, and not allow the poisonous discourse of the extreme right, led by Johnson, Cummings, Farage, Bannon, Rees-Mogg, and yes, in her own way Queen Eliaebrth, it now seems – to disallow our right to our own knowledge, our own mind and our own conscience. Ultimately, as I have said in many of my philosophical works, especially my epic Being and Knowledge, the most important right of all, the one that underlies all others, is the right to wisdom. It isn’t a given and it is isn’t easy, like the right to enlightenment – we have to claim it.   Kant said that we have to dare to be wise.. This is the foundation of the entire liberal democratic and social  democratic and indeed Christian democratic tradition that underlies modern political thought. This has now been kicked in the teeth by an outdated feudal extreme right-wing idea of royal prerogative which is more outdated than Heath Robinson’s idea of a pop-up toaster made with rubber bands and balsa wood.

Sorry ma’am, but you’ve got this one wrong, and it might have incalculable consequences.

Please do write back and reply to my letter of last year,  and let’s have a philosophical dialogue about ultimate truth, and its political implications, before its too late…