Director, International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy (IIPSGP)

Musee Europeen de la Paix, 13 Grande Rue, Betete, La Creuse, Limousin, Aquitaine, France 23270
Tel. +33 05 8756 5489 Mob: 07500 238523 –
UK address: 213 Ham Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 2QB
Emails: thomasdaffern@gmail.com iipsgp@educationaid.net
http://www.lulu.com/iipsgp https://thomascloughdaffern.wordpress.com/ http://musespress.wordpress.com/
http://daffernfamily.wordpress.com/ https://trcme.wordpress.com/
https://ceppr.wordpress.com https://goldengateproject.wordpress.com
https://interfaithpeacetreaty.wordpress.com http://www.educationaid.net

Vision statement:
I have spent many years teaching global history, philosophy, political theory, comparative religious studies,theology, peace studies, global ethics, and comparative philosophy to adults, children and university students, and have an excellent overview of all aspects of these fields, including also the links between higher education and schools. I have worked at the University of London and Oxford and at senior level and authored a pioneering feasibility study into setting up an Institute for Peace Studies at the University of London.  Then I also trained as a front line secondary school teacher in history, religious studies, citizenship, and philosophy. I bring vision, experience, enthusiasm, expertise, and a profound and passionate commitment to educational research, history, philosophical, political and religious scholarship and lifelong learning – plus a wide life experience to help motivate and inspire colleagues and students alike. I am a highly effective educator and scholar who has travelled and researched widely and who brings a truly international perspective to my academic work, since I have travelled and lectured in some 35 countries and have received several international awards for my work in education. I have co-chaired 30 meetings in the House of Lords on ethics and policy. Spoken twice at UN HQ in New York on peace studies and academic development. I have exploited new media teaching avenues in full with film and audio classes outreach and am currently writing a tripartite historical commentary on the Qur’an, the New Testament and the Jewish bible to facilitate peacemaking in the Middle East. I have combined a lifetime of scholarship with peace activism and have coordinated International Philosophers and Historians for Peace and Global Responsibility for many years as well as running an Institute that specialises in peace research and the scientific study of comparative global philosophical traditions (International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy) which grew out of my work for the University of London. Currently I am working on numerous publications and academic projects and have over 570 separate writing projects either completed or in process.

• University of London Ph.D. in Transpersonal History and Peace theory, awarded 2008
• completed PGCE in Religious Education, History and Citizenship with the Marches Consortium (University of Gloucestershire) September 2001 – July 2002
• University of London B.A.History (2.1) – School of Slavonic and East European Studies (1985-1988)
• North East London Polytechnic (Degree by Independent Study, pre-course year) 1983-84
• University of Calgary – courses in Anthropology & Global Philosophy (1978-1981)
• University of Bristol – Philosophy degree course (1975-1976)

• Physiology and basic medicine, paramedical qualification, Calgary , Canada (1979)
• Transpersonal psychology and counseling training, City University (1983)
• Educational Conflict Management with Community Boards, San Francisco, USA. (1992)
• Landmark Education Training (1991)
• Neighborhood Mediation Training, Islington & Southwark Mediation Schemes, (1993)
• Alternatives to Violence workshops, London (1993)
• Leavener’s Experimental Arts Project “Playing with Fire: Resolving Conflict Creatively” (1992)
• Internet Sources for Historical Research (University of London, Institute of Historical Research) April 2002
• Numerous professional trainings for teaching purposes undergone at University of London, University of Oxford and Local Educational Authorities in Powys, and Shropshire 1992-2004

Teaching and Research Experience – Adult, University and Post Graduate
• Tutor on PGCE course at the University of London (Institute of Education) 1990–1992
• Birkbeck College (University of London) Part time Philosophy Tutor (1992-1996)
• Workers Education Association, Part time Philosophy Tutor (1993-2000)
• Institute of Education (University of London) Research Dev. Officer (1989-1992)
• Lecturer at Muslim College in Philosophy and Education (1993-95)
• School of Nonviolence, Coordinator (1994 – now)
• University of Oxford (Centre for Cont. Education), lecturer in Philosophy,(1997-2000)
• Part Time lecturer in Cultural & Intellectual History (2000-2005) Shrewsbury Museum
• Lecturer at Montgomery & Gregynog, Wales, in Cultural & Intellectual History (2000-2004)
• Philosophy Tutor, Adult Education, Poole Borough, Dorset (2007-08)
• Tutor on Peace Studies and Global Philosophy, Scotland (2011-2016)
• Director, International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy (1991-2017)
• Convenor, World Intellectual Forum (Europe) 2017-

Teaching Experience – Secondary Schools
2009-2010 Head of Religious Studies, Moira House, Eastbourne 2009-2010
2008 – 09 Religious Studies and Philosophy teacher, St Mary’s, Calne
2006-08 Head of Religious Studies, Philosophy, PSHE and Citizenship, Poole Grammar School, Poole, Dorset
2004-06 Head of Religious Education and Humanities Faculty, Sherwood Hall School, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
2003 Head of Religious Education and Philosophy at Llandrindod High School, Powys
2002-03 Head of Religious Education, Humanities Department (plus History) at Phoenix School, Telford, Shropshire
2001-02 Teacher of RE and History Builth Wells High School, Powys (1 year full time placement during PGCE)
2002 RE and History Teacher, Adams Grammar School, Newport, Shropshire
2002 6th Form History Teacher – New College, Telford, Shropshire

Other training, skills and capacities
• Worked as trained nursing orderly at Colonel Belcher Hospital Calgary, Alberta, Canada (1978-1981)
• Nursing orderly at National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, London (1982-1985)
• Chair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Middle East (TRCME) 2008 – now
• Conflict Resolution and Mediation trainings in Islington, Southwark, San Francisco
• Professional development days attended for Oxford University and London University
• Facilitated trainings as Mediation expert in Multifaith and Multicultural Dispute Resolution 1997-now
• Attended many educational conferences and symposia as speaker or contributor
• Member of numerous scientific research bodies (CRS, IPRA, PSA etc.)
• Chair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland (TRCBI) 2006 – now

• Hon. D.Sc. for International Peace Studies (1995)
• Alan Ferguson Award for Excellence in South East European History (1988)
• Mt Haemus Lectureship Award (2010)
• Anuvrat Ahimsa Award for International Peace Education (2011)

  • Passions:
    • Travel to interesting places, public speaking, enlightenment, advancement of wisdom
    • Reading and book collecting, visiting libraries and bookshops, writing and editing
    • Exploring the beauties of nature and learning about natural history, and the sciences
    • Exploring museums, sacred sites, pilgrimages to sites of historical and cultural interest
  • Friendships and interesting philosophical conversations, dialectic, debate, discussion
  • Music: singing and composing and performing, and listening, in all quality genres
  • Nature: walks, adventures, waterfalls, lakes, seas, mountains, forests, animals, rivers, Sciences: exploring all fields of the natural and social and political sciences

• Numerous articles on Peace, Political Philosophy, Religion, Philosophy and History in reference works (see http://www.lulu.com/iipsgp)
• Various articles in journals dealing with Conflict Resolution and Philosophy (ibid)
• Numerous studies on intellectual history and interfaith peace historiography (ibid)
• Collected Poems of Thomas Clough Daffern (6 volumes, Lulu, 2006-2016)
• Multicultural and Multifaith Dictionary of Philosophical Terminology (see http://www.lulu.com/iipsgp)
• Towards a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Middle East (Lulu, 2008)
• Towards a European Union Mediation Service (Lulu, 2008)
• Musings – Autobiographical reflections 1956-2014 (7 volumes) (Lulu, 2008)
• Enlightenments: Towards a Comparative Philosophical Epistemology of Enlightenment (2005)
• Universal Interfaith Calendar of Saints and Sage (2nd edition), (Lulu, 2004/2017)
• Towards A Transpersonal History Of The Search For Peace During The Post World War Two Era 1945-2001 (PhD thesis, University of London, 2008)
• The Biographical Encyclopedia A-Z OF Transpersonal Theorists, historians, psychologists and philosophers 1945-2001 – published version of part of PhD appendices (Lulu, 2008)
• The Periodic Table Of The World’s Religious And Philosophical Traditions (2009)
• Sophiaphobia: Identifying The Fear Of Wisdom As A Medical Condition (2008)
• The History of educational ideas and institutions and the search for peace 1945-2001 (2009)
• The Philosophical Interpretation of History (2009)
• Commentary On The Qur’an: A Philosophical, Historical and Transpersonal Commentary (2014)
• Commentary on the Three Books of Enoch (2017)
• Commentary on the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Thomas (2017)
• Commentary on the Ketuvim (2014)
• The Interfaith Peace Treaty (2014)

Countries visited for educational and philosophical purposes (lectures, conferences, research etc.): Canada, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Israel, India, Philippines, Morocco, Palestine, Germany, France, Scotland, Belgium, Wales, USA, Russia, Macedonia, Sweden, Vatican, Italy, Roumania, Switzerland, Austria, Northern Ireland, Spain, Gibraltar, Poland, Czecho/slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Yugoslavia, USSR, Holland, Belgium, South Korea, Slovenia



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Thomas,

    We didn’t hear from you so presume you did not need to use our venue tonight – I just thought it best to check one more time and send it this way in case you didn’t receive my email.

    Best wishes
    Lucis Trust

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Chris Morgan
    Sent: 04 January 2019 14:26
    To: ‘iipsgp@educationaid.net’
    Subject: Someone has filled out form: Contact us – London

    Dear Thomas,

    I realise that its getting late and you need a response quickly. I remember you and think you once spoke at one of our World Goodwill meetings although it was some time ago and so I may be wrong. We are happy to help out by offering you the library on Thursday 17th January. It would need to be 17h30 or a bit later as we work until then. Is that OK? Could you let us know how many people you envisage coming and how long the meeting will be. We’d be interested to see the flyer too.

    We can sit around 30 people in the library. There is a possibility to extend this if need be.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Best wishes
    Christine Morgan

    Lucis Trust,
    Suite 54
    3 Whitehall Court
    London SW1A 2EF

    Tel. 0207 839 4512

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Lucis Trust [mailto:webmaster@lucistrust.org]
    Sent: 03 January 2019 13:19
    To: LucisTrust
    Subject: Someone has filled out form: Contact us – London

    Someone has filled out form: Contact us – London Here are the details:

    Email: iipsgp@educationaid.net
    First Name: Thomas
    Last Name: Daffern
    Subject: possible talk in London
    Message: dear lucis Trust in London,

    I am searching for a venue in London to give a talk on Thursday 17 of January

    I will be examining the issue of brexit from a philosophical and metaphysical perspective

    I am giving the same talk on Totnes on May 15 and some friends of mine want me to come to London and do the talk

    i was going to do it at the Gandhi centre in Bromley by Bow but it seems to be closed, or least the caretaker is ill or something (I used to work there as Director their School of Nonviolence)

    so wondered if I could borrow a room in your lovely centre where the library is.. I have been there many times when living in London back in the 198o’s – I knew Steve Nation pretty well adn am still in contact

    I was also good friends with the late Baroness edmee di Pauli

    I have been a member of the theosophical society for many years now and have given talks there before back in the 1990’s

    got involved with peace studies work and so am still involved in all that

    I knew Nicholas Goodricke Clarke quite well and it is shame he has died

    I am someone working in a similar vein on esoteric history and my PhD is from the university of London

    I now live in france but am coming to the Uk to give these talks for the first time in 12 months

    my talk is scheduled for late afternoon – early evening on thursday 17 jan

    it wil be done by donation so I am sure we will be able to contribute to your heating costs etc.

    the flyer for the totnes talk can be sent to you if I have a an email to send it to

    my talk will have quite an esoteric flavour, as well as Christian and Druid etc.

    I have also spoken at the TS in Edinburgh and also in Israel.. about my work

    basically it is a sceintific / esoteric talk about the likely consequences of brexit if it goes ahead

    and then we can open it up to discussion

    do let me know if it is possible asap

    I am currently writing from france but can ring a landline to chat about this possibility

    my number in france is 05 8756 5489

    thanks so much

    Dr Thomas Daffern

  2. I suggest you look at the culture research below in t. ium. a time before Roman culture. I write and think in Slovenian, but translators are already pretty good at understanding the basic exchange of opinions today.

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