This new campaign aims to revoke, rescind, and replace the current hard brexit policy of the Tory party with an intelligent, rational and intellectually nuanced debate in favour of a second referendum giving all the citizens of the UK, including those living in Europe, once again the right and duty to ascertain if they judge leaving the European Union is really a good idea, or not. 


​We will use all democratic means at our disposal, education, research, scholarship, argument rhetoric, media appearances, public debates, lectures, social media outputs, published works, to shift public awareness in favour of our four core propositions

  1. Brexit is the worst foreign policy decision taken by the UK since the very country was formed in 1707
  2. It was a decision formed on the basic of lies and illegal practices and with proven foreign interference and agendas at play
  3. The whole policy must now must be put back fairly and democratically to the UK citizens as a whole for a final say
  4. All political parties and movements that support these positions must come together and form an electoral alliance to fight each and every election both local and general until we have achieved these objectives


  1. It is rude and callous to the Scots
  2. It is rude and callous to the people of Northern Ireland and presages the undoing of the Good Friday agreement and the long fought for peace agreement that currently stands in Ireland
  3. It betrays the internationalist traditions of British socialism, which from the very beginning campaigned with German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Austrian, Jewish, Polish, Russian and other European working-class and socialist leaders to ensure that all workers in all countries have decent living standards and human rights. These rights have now been largely enshrined in European Union legislation and it is a total betrayal to leave at this time and gives victory to the hard right elements, the plutocrats and oligarchs who have engineered the wars of European history again and again behind the scenes.
  4. It ignores the million or so British citizens living in continental Europe who have tried to build lives there and totally jeopardises their security, happiness and well being
  5. It ignores the well-being and happiness of all those citizens of European continental states who had come to live in different parts of the UK and to build lives there, productive, happy and fruitful lives


  1. We call for an immediate indefinite delay in exiting the European Union until a 2nd referendum has been held.
  2. We call for the united coming together of all political parties opposed to brexit and to the tory government, to work out a common strategy to defeat the tory government and to reverse the current brexit policy and to hold a second referendum asap
  3. Individual members of all the following parties are welcome to join this movement and to campaign for its success: the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Labour Party, The Liberal democrats, the greens, The Alliance (Northern Ireland), Sinn Fein, etc.
  4. If the UK crashes out with a hard brexit in December 2020 we call for a second Scottish independence referendum to be implemented and accepted by all parties without delay. They did not ask for this and do not have to take it. Every Scottish resident voter should have the right to say if they want Scotland to become once more an independent country and to rejoin the EU.
  5. If the UK crashes out of the EU with a hard brexit, every resident voter of Northern Ireland immediately has the right to be asked in a referendum if they wish to join with the Republic of Ireland as one United Ireland to rejoin the European Union, as per the Good Friday agreement
  6. We call for a new constitutional settlement for the UK as outlined on CRI with  UK remoulded in a federal structure along the lines of the Canadian constitution

See https://unitedoppositiontobrexit.weebly.com/ for more detailed information about this project and how you can get involved and help.


The campaign is the brainchild of philosopher and historian Dr Thomas Daffern, working in concert with many other colleagues and UK citizens.


We invite you to join us as together we can and will turn this dire situation around. But we will not do it from fear, caution, hatred, hesitation or paranoia. Only through courage, good will, reason, wisdom politeness and the power of truth. See http://www.educationaid.net for more information on the work of our convening body, the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy.

Here is a family photo from 187 Eastern Road, Kemp Town, long a haven of intense political debate and peace thinking at the heart of the UK peace movement, now living on in France, and leading the fights against brexit from there.